What is Jumkey's 'Reseller Squad' ?


Jumkey’s ‘Fashion Reseller Squad’ is an initiative taken to encourage aspiring Jewellery Lovers  to embark upon their Entrepreneur Journey and follow thier Dreams. Earn money in this processs by becoming Jumkey Fashion Agent by selling Jumkey’s products at your own price.

Besides that, you can support the Artisans, Craftsmen by  selling their Jewellery. Yes, we believe in empowering and creating the right platform for Aritisans, Craftsmen, Hawkers to market and sell their products.

This programme is open to individuals all over the world. No matter in which city you’re currently sitting in, you can enroll with us and be an official part of our squad. You can avail for ‘Jumkey Sample Box’ and show it among your friends, families and relatives. Jumkey Provides you the Item’s Price at the Best Direct Whole Price. You can sell it at your own price. Whoa, that sounds sexy, isn’t it?

Read further on, to learn more about this programme.


  •  Become an Entrepreneur. Build Business at scratch with zero capital.
  •  Work at your convenience.  Be it part-time, full time or as a freelancer.
  •  Create the Buzz around Jumkey, become a Jumkey Influencer in your community!
  •  The  Extra sales, Revenue you generate for the Artisans, Craftsmen. The Good karma you create - Karma Badge.   What goes around, comes around!
  •  Build Jumkey Social Network, we call it ‘Castle’. You are the Queen of your Castle. Build the empire and earn Credits.
  •   Most importantly, an opportunity to MAKE MONEY by earning unlimited profits.
  •   Colloborate and work with India’s Fastest Growing eCommerce Site. Grow BIG with Jumkey! Cheers to our new Jumkey Queen!
  •   Everything is ready on the platter for you; Shipping, Cash-on Delivery, Online Payment is handled by Jumkey for you.  You just need to relish the Dish, everything is ready for you!



1) How do I become a part of Jumkey Reseller Programme?

Sign Up here by filling up the form below. We'll take about 24 hours to assess your request and then get back to you regarding the approval of your account.

Fill the Registration Form here.

2) How much money do I earn ?

  • For Online sales, there is absolutely no limit. Ask them to use the Affiliate Code on every order they place on Jumkey.com . Every Affiliate Code is Unique. We track the Code used by them. On every affiliate code used by them referred by you, you avail 15% of the Item Price.
  • To put everything in a nutshell, there is no limit for the sales and money made by you.

3) How does this work?

  • Once you register, you become the Influencer for Jumkey. You create the buzz around Jumkey and promote Jumkey Items with the Promotional Code we provide to you. You can use Social Media Networking Sites for promotion of the products. ( Example for Promotional Code - Flat 20% OFF - Use Code - 20OFF ).
  • When your friend uses your code and places an order on Jumkey.com,  with order confirmed and payment made, you can redeem your money.
  • For every sale your friend makes  you earn 15% of the total purchase made by your friend. (Example, Say your friend places an order worth Rs 1000, then you make an amount of Rs 150 as your Earnings! ) Whoa, that’s great, isn’t it.
  • Amount will be credited once in 15 days every thursdays into your bank account.
  • We will handle all logistics including online payment, cash on delivery payment etc and ship the products directly to the customer.

4) How can I promote Jumkey  products?

  • Are you a Social butterfly? Promote our website among your friends, family, relatives, neighbours & social circles. Show/send them our wide range of accessories to choose from.
  • Are you an outgoing soul? Host  Kitty Parties/ Trunk Shows/Exhibitions/ =Pop-up stores in your city for with our products  (Products of your choice will be delivered to you against a deposit)
  • Digital is your cup of Tea?  Talk about Jumkey on your Social Media Channels: Promote the products on your Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and create the buzz!

5) What if I want to show my clients samples?

  • We can send you samples of your choice against a deposit made by you, which will be returned when we receive the samples back in Jumkey warehouse.

6) How many sales can I make in a month?

  • There is no  limit to the number of sales you can make.  More the orders you make, more the commission you make.

7) How do I get paid?    

  • Payment will be made to you through bank transfer, cheque or net banking. You will receive your payment once in 15 days on every Thursdays.

8) How does my referral make the payment?

  • If your clients want to pay by credit card/debit card/net banking they can use the online payment gateway on Jumkey website.
  • If your client wants to pay cash, they can pay for the product using our Cash-on-delivery service when the product is shipped to them (There is an extra Rs 100 charge for COD)

9) Who can I contact for any assistance?

  • You can write to us at :  Jumkey_reseller@gmail.com or reach us at: +91 9591254271