Award | Emerging Artist of the year 2016

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Art exists when the soul of the person comes out.
The object of art is to give life a shape" 

- William Shakespeare.

With 2016 coming to an end, Team takes immense pleasure in honouring the Emerging Artist and Emerging brands in Hand made Jewellery. 


Emerging Artist of the year 2016

The Award goes to Narmatha P who runs Nakshatra Terracotta Jewellery. 



About Narmatha

Narmatha is a  Terracotta Jewellery Artist on

She hails from Tirupur,
an Entrepreneur and mother of a 4-year-old boy. 
Born on 4th August, 1987 in Darapuram, Tamil-Nadu, she sets an example to all women that nothing is impossible in life if you try. If you're passionate to continue, you can achieve big goals in life. 

Her designs are breathtakingly beautiful and carry the perfection element in them. 
Team Jumkey got a chance to have a look at her jewellery designs with the touch and feel and we were awed with the perfection and the beautiful designs.
Meticulous work!

You can shop her collection here.

Her Emerging Story

Narmatha, a designer basically, has done BSc in apparel fashion designing from NIFT, Tirupur. 

She left her cushy job at Fine Fair, since she found it hard to work during her pregnancy and decided to start off something of her own. She attended classes for Terracotta Jewellery and soon launched her own business, 'Nakshatra Terracotta Jewellery'. There are 3 girls to assist & help her in her business. 

When asked about inspiration for her work, she snaps back saying

My inspiration is Aaakar Terracotta Jewellery. 
Their designs are beautiful!

She has been marvellous and outstanding in delivering work so far. Workaholic, hard-working, dedicated, perfectionist are the synonyms which we could relate her to. Her work is seen through her incredible, breathtakingly beautiful terracotta jewellery.

Her Strength:

Narmatha stays in a Joint Family and happily mentions that her family, her husband, her mother-in-law, and her parents had been very supportive of her from the day one and helped her a lot in her venture.

Some of Her Products

Artist's testimonial for

On Jumkey I'm getting regular orders than before. I really like Jumkey for one reason they list products by themselves which is really really good for me and order details are taken from Whatsapp.  Follow-up is provided at personal level unlike other websites which don't provide this".

- Narmatha

Jumkey carries a vision to Empower Artists & Craftsmen in India.

Empowering women entrepreneurs.

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