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Neesha Amrish has built her label block by block! She began her journey six years ago with a one - table workshop in a non-descript studio trying to go Organic with block prints and homespun textiles. Neesha’s journey began as a creative passion to embrace colors, textures and influences from Southern India to handcraft upcycled jewellery that is also wearable! She also wanted to generate employment opportunities for women.

As the mother of a little girl, she believed that protecting the Mother Earth is as important as cherishing our girls! Her explorations in hues, pattern and sustainability began humbly in her backyard with just a simple thought of creating upcycled jewellery! Since Neesha hails from Chennai, the inspiration was simply just an extension of her!

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Aeshaane has always spearheaded the movement for Conscious living by marrying Fashion and Community Service and that’s how their Project with UPCYCLED JEWELLERY came alive!

After hours of intensive labour, Aeshaane came out with a line that took everyone by storm – adorning these pieces of leftover fabric with temple motifs worn by Classical Bharatanatyam Dancers from the South!

Kemp, Kunjalams, Suryan, Chandran’s and different traditional motifs were all carefully handcrafted with no fear of time by Aeshaane’s rural women artisans, but with a modern twist! These were then carefully placed on the left over multi-hued fabric pieces to create the magic!

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Since each piece is unique and is crafted manually for every exclusive customer, it requires time to create these timeless beauties. These heirlooms from Aeshaane can be passed on from Mother to daughter and have timeless appeal. These fusion neckpieces can be teamed easily with Western silouhettes or with a Kanchivaram and look elegant with both!

Little did Aeshaane expect that she would go global from Paris to Tokyo and bond with a wider audience who appreciate finesse and quality! 'She’ has found her niche and these ‘Upcycled jewellery pieces’ are bound to last a lifetime!

Aeshaane is also currently showcasing at the World's most prestigious Museum of Design " The Victoria and Albert Museum" in London – and The National Museum of Arts for Women, Washington D.C. Later this year, this line will travel to Paris and Milan for in October 2018 and closer home at The Amazon India Fashion week in Delhi.

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