Addoz is what happens when creative freedom meets passionate love for traditional Indian Textiles, When an eye for elegance and style meets the contemporary fashion sense and when the ambition to surge ahead meets the kindness of meeting a difference.
The "Add" of Addoz refer to Add on something that accentuates the personality called "You”.
The “OZ” of Addoz refers to an ounce of freshness and newness cenceptualized to redefine your persona.
So “Addoz” is the added layer of wearable art which brings out the new and fresh in you.
Addoz is an initiative by two designers Nitu Priya and Rajni Jajodia. Both alumini of NIFT Delhi batch of 2002. While designers at the bottom of their heart, each bring a different skill set on the table.
designer image (Nitu designer 1) Nitu has more than 14 years of expertise in product development, marketing and merchandising and has worked with brands like Timberland, J Crew, Armani, Michael Kors, Express to name a few. So what made her move out of her comfortable corporate life? In her words "the urge to explore my creativity was unfulfilled".
designer image (Rajani designer 2) Rajni on the other hand was experimenting and creating lots of products under her brand name Rajni Jajodia for 7 years. Her love and passion for creating something unique and wearable motivated her to start this initiative. Also a home maker and mother of two, Rajni has to balance her day between responsibilities and her passion. How does she manages both? Well! when you have passion you will find the way to strike a balance.
making image 1
Everything that we can imagine can be real and what sets us apart from others is when you can imagine a same raw material which is available for everyone in a different way.
That sets a design apart. So we have tuned ourselves in such a way that we think differently than the regular.
making image 2 Addoz core concept is bringing together different art forms and textiles of India. We draw inspiration from rich heritage art and culture of India. There is a huge potential that has not been explored. We strive to take these are forms and make an aesthetically viable product which is modern yet connected to it roots. We randomly throw ideas, sketches, concepts and key words till we formulate our story/Collection. The next is the reading, travelling, learning from artisans, processing etc.
Our concept are then refined to a viable designs. Scrapping some ideas and redoing is often the scenario in the stage if we do not like anything.
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  • Fitness Expert,
    Youth Icon & Socio- Environment activist
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  • Costume Designer
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  • Necklace (JAN028)
  • ₹ 500.00
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  • Necklace (JAN020)
  • ₹ 400.00
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  • Necklace (JAN010)
  • ₹ 1,300.00
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  • Necklace (JAN050)
  • ₹ 1,200.00