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" It is difficult to categories my kind of Jewellery under any
one Genre! The pieces I make with Jute are Closer to my Heart."

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"Aarika handmade jewellery is a handcrafted jewelry brand born
out of my love for Jewelry making, in the year 2009",gushes Sarika.
It is not just another brand in the market. It is an Emotion, a
love for Accessorizing, a Desire to make a statement and stand
out in the crowd. If you are stylish yetsimple and belive that the
greatness of jewelery piece is, in that it should inspire and uplift
your spirit and not just adorn your body, then you are the ideal.

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There are many who express shyness when it comes to wearing
big, truly ethnic pieces to work or college. Mainly because
pairing such jewellery with modern or contemporary clothing can
be a hit or miss thing. But a line of Temple Jewellery can shun
away any critics of this life style.

Sariks creates Earrings, Chains, Bracelets and Anklets, although
she specialises in Earrings and Chains, she makes jewellery with
anything that interests her. It can be anything ethnic and loud,
with materials like jute, paper shells or terracotta, or something
more delicate with crystals or semiprecious stones.It is difficult
to categories this kind of jewellery under one Genre!

" I try to give my collections a twist,
so that it can be worn with modern, contemproary ethnic looks. "

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For Sarika who left a highly paid banker's job, designing jewelry is not
just a profession but an extension of who she is. Sarika specializes in
ornate handwoven neckpieces interlaced with Temple Pathakams.
Customizing a one-of-a-kind piece for a client gives her a great amount of satisfaction.

She loves the artistic process of connecting her heart to her design and
knot each metalor gemstone, all the while infusing them with positive
intentions and affirmations. As a designer she plays with materials,
processes and techniques until she comes up with what she thinks is an
exquisite piece of wearable art. An alumnus of SIN-Gem Institute of
jewelry design, she was featured in their Hall of Fame for her
achievements in the field of Fashion Jewelry. Of Late, she
showcased the contemporary Bridal Look for the Schwarzkopf Academy
show in Chennai, achieved laurels and added few more feathers to her Cap.

" It's not just another Brand in the Market, but an Emotion, a Love for accessorizing,
a desire to make a statement and stand out in a crowd ", she stresses.

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 arika handmade Jewellery
arika handmade Jewellery
arika handmade Jewellery
arika handmade Jewellery